Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

Daily Use:

  • Frankincense: 2 drops on feet and 2 drops under tongue every morning
  • Grounding Blend: 2 drops on feet every morning
  • Protective Blend: 2 drops on feet every morning
  • Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime, Grapefruit: 5 drops in water bottle daily (glass or stainless steel bottles)
  • Lavender: 1-2 drops on the bottom of feet every night, then rub hands on pillow
  • Other good oils for relaxation/sleep are Calming Blend/Grounding Blend/Vetiver to name a few


  • One drop can service every cell in the body; enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds from application on the bottom of foot
  • Check each oil to determine if it can be applied directly or within dilution in a carrier oil
  • Use olive or coconut oil to dilute if skin is sensitive or if you accidentally get in your eye; water will make worse
  • Dilute when using topically on children and the elderly


  • Purifies Air; open airways
  • Can put drop in your hands and then form an ‘inhaler,’ smell open bottle, put on cotton ball and place in car vent
  • Use 3-4 drops in diffuser
  • Following are good to diffuse: Frankincense and Lavender at bedtime; Protective Blend and Orange in the daytime; Citruses alone or in combination with each other


  • This method is specific to our Pure Therapeutic Grade. Assist with: digestive system, mouth & throat, liver, and urogenital tract; may take in water, in gel capsule or under tongue
  • Check each bottle for a ‘Supplement Facts’ box. If there’s not one – don’t take internally
  • Drink a few drops of a citrus oil in your water to elevate mood, energize you, and help pull toxins out of the body


The very term Aromatherapy was derived from the fact that essential oils are, by nature, aromatic. Their aromas can elicit powerful physiologic, mental, and emotional responses. Essential oils are also volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly and are rapidly absorbed into the body. The process of conveying aromas to the brain is called olfaction, or simply, smelling. It happens courtesy of the olfactory system.

As a person inhales an essential oil, the molecules of oil go up into the back of each nostril to the postage–sized epithelium patch. There the molecules attach to receptors on the cilia hairs, which convert to nerves on the other side of the mucous patch. These nerves send the odor information to the olfactory bulb in the brain. This means the essential oil itself is not sent to the brain , but instead a neural translation or “message” of the complex chemistry it contains is delivered. The millions of nerves enter the olfactory bulb, which communicates directly with the amygdala, hippocampus, and other brain structures.

Diffuser Blends

Grounding Blend: Brings feelings of calmness, peace and relaxation. Invigorating Blend: Uplifting and stress reducing benefits.

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Lavender: from the high altitude of France
For Calming an Stress Reduction

Lemon: from Italy
For Cleansing and Mood Elevation
·Natural antioxidant and detoxifier— put 3-5 drops in the water or in capsules
·Natural cleansing agent— apply drops on surface and clean with damp cloth
·Elevates you mood— diffuse an inhale

Peppermint: from Washington State
For Digestion and Cooling
·Relieves tension—apply on temples, forehead, or back of neck
·Calming to occasional stomach upset – take in the capsules, water, or apply on stomach
·Helps increase energy— diffuse and inhale; apply on back of neck
·Cooling – mist on body, or apply on forehead; diffuse and inhale

Melaluca/(Tea Tree) From Australia
For Soothing and Skin
·Can be used as ointment— apply on location
·Use for occasional skin irritations— apply on location
·Beneficial for hair and scalp— add to shampoo or conditioner

Oregano: from Turkey
From Immune System Support
·Naturally supports the immune system— take several drops in capsules for periodic immune system boosts
·Works as a natural – dilute in carrier oil and apply to bottoms of feet

Frankincense: from Oman, Jordan
For Immune Support
·Helps relieve tension— apply with peppermint and lavender
·Supports immune function— massage on feet; 2 drops under tongue daily
·Crosses blood-brain barrier— massage onto base of skull, along spine
·Relieves stress— diffuse and inhale
·When in doubt, use Frankincense!

Soothing Blend
For Muscle and Joint Health
·Helps relieve muscle and joints— apply on location
·Contains Blue tansy and helichrysum, which can help support long-term muscle, joint, and bone comfort
·Use before and after working out, yoga, massage or chiropractor adjustments— apply on location

Respiratory Blend
For Respiratory support
·Relaxes the body and mind, relieves feelings of anxiousness— diffuse at bedtime for more restful sleep
·Protects against seasonal and environmental threats— apply to the chest and back to help chest and sinuses
·Support a respiratory function— diffuse and inhale; apply to the chest and sinuses

Digestive Blend
For Natural Digestive Support
·Relieves occasional digestive discomforts — apply on stomach area; take in a capsule; drink in water
·Helps support digestive function— apply on stomach area (or on bottoms of feet for children); take in a capsule

Protective Blend
For Natural Immune Boost
·Cleanse the air — diffuse; apply on location
Supports the body’s natural antioxidant
• Rub on bottom of kid’s feet during school season.
• Diffuse in class setting for an uplifting scent.
• Supports healthy immune function.*
• Protects against environmental threats.
• Supports healthy respiratory function.*
·Supports the immune System— massage into feet daily

Metabolic Blend
Aids in a healthy metabolism, helps the body cleanse itself of toxins, lifts and elevates mood, increases energy
Cinnamon: supports liver function, helps balance healthy cholesterol
Ginger: stimulates weight loss when coupled with exercise, calms the stomach
Peppermint: enhances a sense of fullness, reduces cravings, energizing
Grapefruit: supports healthy metabolism, helps remove toxins
Lemon: helps remove toxins

Suggested use:
3-5 drops in water, 3-5x per day
3-5 drops on the tongue, 3-5x per day
6-10 drops in a capsule, 3x per day